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Our portfolio of beautiful landscapes and past projects showcases work we’re proud to share. We invite you to browse through our images of landscape designs, hardscaping elements, water features, and holistic landscape to find features you love. Each project has a dedicated landscape designer and experienced landscape team. The past projects in our portfolio showcase our attention to detail and capabilities to design and install customized landscapes that highlight the Pacific Northwest beauty of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

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Our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Money Back, Risk Free Guarantee to You!

Here’s the deal: We don’t do contracts. We earn your business on every visit. We want you to be totally thrilled with our service. So absolutely delighted that you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Frankly, we want to take care of your lawn forever. You are the judge, if our work is not excellent we will re-do the item in question for FREE. If you are still not happy, you will not owe us a single penny for that service.

Crazy, right? We thought so. In fact, if we were not the company we claim to be, that guarantee would probably cost us a small fortune. So we’re proud of that.

~ Vitaly Aspidov

Simple Lawns

Find Outdoor Living Spaces And Landscaping Designs You Love From Our Completed Projects In Portland, Oregon

Simple Lawns’s landscape design services capture the best parts of nature in the Pacific Northwest region and bring them to your yard.

We offer landscape design services for both residences and commercial properties. Commercial landscapes benefit from landscape lighting that illuminates pathways, curbs, and entrances. Seasonal plants create extra curb appeal that make properties more eye-catching and inviting.

Contact Simple Lawns today to schedule a Landscape Design Consultation. The Landscape Design Consultation is a 2 hour meeting with our expert landscape designer. We will talk with you about your vision and needs for your Portland, OR property. This meeting is a $200-$300 investment.

We offer completely transparent communication from start to finish. Our services start with a consultation and walk-through, so we know exactly what you expect from our services. Then you can review an itemized estimate for the project or contract. Our team works hard to send our customers residential maintenance estimates within 24 hours and commercial maintenance estimates within 48 hours. Throughout the project schedule, our team will regularly give you updates and be available to answer all of your questions.
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We think honesty is important. We'll be upfront and transparent during every interaction. Our estimates and proposals are fair, clear, and upfront. We won't add on charges or make suggestions that add expense without adding equal or greater value.
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Our team loves every landscaping project as much as the property owner. We invest in the design plans, materials, plant choices, and installation so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape for years to come. Every detail is important to the final project, and we'll keep working until we get it just right.
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Comprehensive Landscape Creation
At Simple Lawns, we do it all. Our team will scope and plan your landscape design to the last detail, and we'll incorporate your style preferences into the project. We lay the groundwork for long-term, healthy landscaping with irrigation, sprinkler, and drainage features that are tailored to the landscape. Our team can install safe, high-quality hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, and other outdoor living features to create a backyard paradise. When you choose Simple Lawns, we handle every aspect of the installation and design to match our standards of excellence and yours.
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Long-term Lawn Care And Maintenance
If you love your backyard but you want a hand maintaining it, Simple Lawns is here to help. We offer regular lawn care appointments for weekly mowing, trimming, and edging. Our portfolio showcases our attention to detail during every season so our customers can enjoy crisp, beautiful landscapes, no matter how complex or challenging to maintain.
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Start Transforming Your Landscaping Into A Personalized Paradise Today By Contacting Our Landscape Designer

Every project starts with a consultation where our design professional listens to your plans and dreams for your landscape. We listen to the problems you have with your current landscape, what your dream outdoor living space features, and your favorite landscaping design elements to create a comprehensive plan. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way with integrity, fairness, and a commitment to creating an experience you’ll love for years.

We specialize in landscape design, installations, and landscape maintenance for homes and businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Our landscape designer can help you select the best native and exotic plants to suit the seasons and your landscape aesthetic. Our in-house installation experts can construct complex water features, multi-tiered decks, and personalized outdoor kitchens that make entertaining your new favorite hobby. To keep your new landscape in top-tier condition, we offer extensive maintenance and cleanup services. Learn more about our residential and commercial landscaping services in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas by visiting our main services page. 

What We Do

Professional Service

At Simple Lawns, we take pride in providing comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services to meet all your needs. Our lawn care services focus on enhancing and maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn, while our landscaping services help bring your vision of a perfect and visually appealing yard to life. Read on for a quick overview of each service we offer.


Landscape Design

Experience the artistry of our professional landscape designers, delivering stunning creations that elevate your outdoor space to new heights.


Landscape Installation

Elevate your surroundings with meticulous landscape installations by our skilled professionals, bringing your vision to life with precision and expertise.


Landscape Maintenance

Safeguard the beauty of your landscape with our comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring pristine care and long-lasting vitality for your outdoor sanctuary.



Efficiently nourish your landscape with precision irrigation systems, maximizing water conservation while ensuring optimal health and vibrancy for your plants and greenery.



Protect your landscape investment with expert drainage solutions, preventing water damage and ensuring proper water flow for a healthy and thriving outdoor environment.


Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor paradise with captivating outdoor lighting designs, accentuating the beauty of your landscape while adding safety and ambiance to your evenings.


Outdoor Living

Create unforgettable moments in your own outdoor haven with exquisite outdoor living solutions, seamlessly blending style and functionality for endless enjoyment and relaxation.


Commercial Landscape

Elevate your commercial space with professional landscape solutions that leave a lasting impression, showcasing your business with impeccable outdoor aesthetics and attention to detail.


Snow Removal

Stay ahead of winter's wrath with reliable and efficient snow removal services, ensuring safe and accessible pathways for your property even in the harshest weather conditions.


Christmas Lights

Illuminate the holiday season with enchanting Christmas light installations, adding a magical touch to your home or business and spreading joy and festive cheer to all.


Bioswale Installation

Manage stormwater sustainably with our expert bioswale installations, promoting eco-friendly design and enhancing water quality for a greener future.


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